The Client operates with a custom legacy claim system that is rich of functionality but too complex to maintain and requires too much time in order to have improvements available.

Recent changes to motor regulatory rules have been partially covered and the Company undergoes a high amount of penalties not being able to match the required SLA.

A selection was launched to identify the best SW solution that could help reaching business objectives. Guidewire ClaimCenter was selected as the new Claim system.

  • Highly automated processes with manual handling by exception
  • High level of flexibility and configurability of the system with respect to changing organizational needs, business and regulatory requirements
  • High specialization and diversification of business processes to manage the different claims and extend the value chain
  • Continuous monitoring of activities critical to the business in accordance with required SLA
  • Reduction of fraud since the opening of the claim
  • Tight integration with suppliers


GFT was engaged to support the Client’s project on several tracks: PMO, ClaimCenter Configuration and Integration, Data migration, Document handling.

Key Factors:

  • A team of 25 people worked together with the Client and other partners in a 30 months project.
  • Trust-based relationship between Customer, GFT and other partners
  • Proactive controls regarding software quality, design, performance, methodology and development cycle
  • The system went live (pilot) on January 2014 and rollout was completed by October 2014
  • GFT recognized as trusted partner by the customer
  • Activities performed on time
  • Claim center extended to include local  Legal & Regulatory requirements