The GFT Regulatory Change Management Service combines three powerful tools to empower firms to keep on top of regulatory challenges.

The Regulatory Document Manager provides updates on regulatory changes, extracting and merging data from different sources. This empowers firms to assess the impact of every clause, assign tasks and monitor status.

The GFT Architectural Visualiser is a vital link between regulatory requirements and business processes. It draws on regulatory analysis to generate cross-functional business requirements per regulation and asset class.

The Regulatory Risk Manager dashboard uses a powerful workflow engine to pull information together and show progress on each milestone. This shows firms completed and outstanding tasks.

The GFT Regulatory Change Management Service enables firms to structure and coordinate its response to global regulatory changes.

This GFT solution won the Banking Technology 2015 award for ‘Best use of IT for the purpose of Risk/Regulatory change’.

Why transform your business

The scope and complexity of regulatory change

Increasing need for efficiency in regulatory analysis with firms wanting business requirement documents as early as possible. Regulatory change can be implemented effectively with a full process audit trail.

Data quality

Data quality is now top of the agenda, meaning that the chief data officer and assurance functions need to be aligned both on targets and priorities.

Regulation risk

There are now many complex regulations that it is easy for incomplete documentation to go undetected resulting in fines and cautions.

The GFT Regulatory Change Management Service is the smart way to coordinate regulatory compliance, not only making firms more agile and responsive but also resulting in sustainable cost reductions. Combining expert methods with world-class technology allows firms to track and manage their global implementation of capital market regulations, including MiFID II, EMIR, Dodd-Frank and SMR.
Paul Burleton Head of Strategy, Regulatory, Risk & Compliance


Why choose GFT

GFT Regulatory Risk Manager

The GFT solution visualises regulatory change impacts by providing a dashboard and status overview of all regulations affecting firms.

Reduce complexity and risk

Track completion levels and updates on incomplete areas to help achieve full compliance.

A breakdown of end-to-end processes

Each regulation can be displayed to make it easier for users to identify issues. Action oriented processes ensure each individual knows their responsibilities.

Regulatory timeline

Regulatory Change Management Services